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RkC4O9gh | 03/12/2015 14:06:05

Just wanted to chip in rectnely came here and our evening was ruined and we were very miserable. Waited 45 minutes for a table told to wait in the bar expensive and awful cocktails, completely packed, and very, very slow. It took about 35 minutes to actually just order 2 drinks and have them come to us. We got to the restaurant waited over an hour for our main. We wanted to cry we were so hungry. It looked nice, but we were so hungry, having waited for nearly 2 hours for some food, we just didn't care.I have never been anywhere so overhyped in my life. [url=]whnmth[/url] [link=]zylxhferej[/link]

owxAcrT6eu | 02/12/2015 4:00:43

I love Iberica. The proprietor, Marcos, is a <a href="">relaly</a> warm soul and loves a chat if you get to meet him. The atmosphere is fab with the cheese room, beautifully packaged Spanish food products and books around (as well as lots of Spanish customers, I found). Do they still have the two restaurants, upstairs "fine dining" and downstairs tapas? I had a better meal downstairs than upstairs the 2 out of 3 times I went, but it's been a few months. And believe it or not, even this vegetarian was replete in jamon heaven!

11jRAesP | 30/11/2015 15:59:35

Niamh: Let me know what you think!GC: HAHA! You're very kind. Nope, just my normal iPhone.Noodles/Helen: The food was rich, but I iminage plenty of people (particularly a certain person above) would have not found enough food on the plate/slate. I love Tio Pepe though :)celiabb: Yes the upstairs is more serious I believe, but there was nobody up there on that lunchtime. I didn't have time to snoop around the deli area, but perhaps next time. [url=]wkvwoewu[/url] [link=]vudljtf[/link]

EVEh3WRD | 29/11/2015 3:57:19

Tom,I am very sorry to learn about your horrific <a href="">exepirence</a>! On three occasions that I went to The Corner Room, it was always very quiet and we were pretty much the only diners there. Personally I don't think the Corner Room is overhyped. It is meant to be a small restaurant with twists for hotel guests who cannot book in at Viajante, hence no reservation at CR. The menu is inventive and good value; the cooking is relatively consistent; the ambiance is relaxing. That said, from your agonising <a href="">exepirence</a>, I do think the hotel/restaurant should have taken into account walk-in guests more and ensure that the waiting time isn't unbearable as it has gravely effected your evening out.

6BF52Raz4 | 29/11/2015 0:17:06

Suzanne, I don't know of any particular rurseoces, but here's what I consider, in this order:1. Will it be legible? For example, Bigmouth isn't good at small sizes. It's too thin and the letters are too quirky for easily reading lots of copy. But just a few large words would look good.2. Is it an appropriate style? If I'm designing a formal/traditional layout, I wouldn't use a quirky hand-drawn script. If I'm making something that needs to feel light and airy, I wouldn't use a really heavy, bold typeface. I'm always thinking about what I'm trying to communicate and keeping that goal in mind.3. Does it look good with the rest of the stuff on the page? Choose something that has shapes and lines that visually complement the other design elements.Hope that helps!

Jose | 20/10/2008 18:22:22

Me acaba de llegar un aviso, muy similar, pero es de Hotetur (pertenece a Marsans viajes); me dicen lo mismo, que me a tocado una video camara y 2 noches de hotel, jajaja!! Lo peor de todo es que tienen mis datos y todos son correctos (que sinverguenzas!!). Gracias, por el articulo, sino ya hubiese llamado...

modes | 09/07/2008 8:32:09

soy de albacete tambien me ha llegado la cartita he buscado en internet y he encontrado esta pajina vaya gentuza esque no tienen otra casa que hacer

Javier | 02/07/2008 13:01:55

jajajajajajaj pues yo lo e llamao i los e dixo ijos de puta me e cago en sus muertos mas de 300 mil veces en tos me e cagao xD me da= gastarme el dinero pero no veas lo agusto k te kdas jajajajajaajaj i eso no me an timao pero na mas x enviarme eso...jajajajaja ijos de puta jajaja

jesus | 01/07/2008 17:23:23

lo que deveriamos de aser todos es aser una copia de esta pag y el supuesto billete y presentarlo ante la guardia civil o el juzgado mas proximo,para poder joderlos a ellos y no al reves.contra mas denuncias pongamos con pruebas mas los podremos joder. como dicen en la 4 juntos podemos.

Toni | 01/07/2008 16:15:25

Hola, soy de Castellón y hoy mismo acabo de recibir el papelito, menos mal que me ha dado por buscar Promogroup Iberica en Google. Hay varias paginas que dicen lo mismo.

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